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Cost Per Mile To Drive

Escalating gas prices in recent years have compelled American car owners to reconsider how they use their vehicles. For every driver who continues to log incredible miles on a daily basis, there is now one more person who rides a bike to work each day. Most Americans fall somewhere in-between these two extremes, and most of these people have found ways to reduce the amount of driving they do in the course of a day, week, month and year.

Many car drivers use the miles-per-gallon averages of their vehicles in order to maximize the number of miles they get out of each tank of gas, and the result is hundreds of dollars saved. But what happens when automobiles no longer run on fuel? How will frugal drivers calculate mileage costs once the electric car dominates the road? What is your cost per mile to operate a car, truck or other vehicle?
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With electricity being measured in terms of kilowatts, the new cost per mile rating must reflect this. Therefore, when consumers go to calculate the cost per mile to drive a particular vehicle, they will do so according to the amount of miles per kilowatt that vehicle averages per hour. The mathematics will essentially remain the same as they are with the current miles per gallon ratings, but with a quantity of electricity supplanting a given amount of gasoline. The days of obsessing over MPG ratings will soon be gone, yet the automobile won’t be disappearing with it. Instead, CPM ratings will rule the minds of frugal drivers who search for ways to reduce transportation costs.

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